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Director: Erika Sviderskyte

Assistant Director: Marie Danielsen

Music: Michael Crean

Devised and performed by: Harris Allen, Emily Hindle, Margherita Deri, Michael Crean, Marie Danielsen, Erika Sviderskyte.

'WAIVE' is a haunting piece of visual theatre, taking place inside a gripping yet absurd fairytale landscape. Characters desperately look for love and connection, seeking approval while struggling to accept their own selves. Through hypnotic movement sequences and electronic classical music the show explores the surreal, often ironic side of human psychology. A wolf dances backwards with a princess. A little girl discovers her personality through hashtags. As nostalgic as it may sound, love (and the absence of it) shapes us in ways we can't control. 'WAIVE' takes a deep dive into our subconscious and invites us to look at ourselves with more compassion and honesty.

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